one inch punch

ISBN 9781625492937

one inch punch is a collection of poems responding to the call of ancestors and our own broken bodies, spirits and earth.  Each poem offering flows from gut, muscle, and memory into fingertips to strike from the closest distance between "us" and "them," reminding us that beyond each rise to action we must remain rooted in love.

her beckoning hands

ISBN 9781625490872

​ 2015 American Book Award Winner

her beckoning hands is a collection of poems as prayer flags, offerings across the ocean, earth and sky.  Biala's poems respond to family members, ancestors, spirits, deities, and beings whose voices have called out to her, and whose stories are of daily blessings, suffering, joy and longing.

continental drift

ISBN 0-931122-95-3

"What comes across the drit is a tropical landscape of sensuous memories rooted in sorrow, but rescued by enduring love.  Dynamite disguised as sampaguita!"

       ~ Genny Lim


These stark, tender, sensual, and political poems explore stories of the generations who have left their native lands to live in America, particularly those from the islands of the Philippines.  This collection goes beyond chronological storytelling into the dance of simultaneous experiences called forth by tragedy, family, and love.